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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 18, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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[laughter] craig: there was an evil pussy behind the real one! [laughter] isn't that often the way? [laughter] absolute silence -- everyone is like -- now, my apologies to dr. lisa masterson who was going to be here tonight. she is going to be here on monday. she is an osste -- she's a gyna -- she talks about, you know. the dalek was here and he has left and now he has left again.
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will the dalek be become -- back again? maybe. russell crowe was here talking about -- [applause] hey, he's not here now. what would be the point of that? he's gone. he doesn't care. he is half way to australia by now! [laughter] well, we got to take a break . we'll be back in 23 hours. good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,
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hope to find on the cans that will lead them to the beer can bandit. its like a really big office can increase your another by found canned. hoping that it will lead them to the beer can bandit. how you can increase your odds of playing the lottery by playing with people you've never met. and a little known but widespread phenomenon. tonight dr. kim mulvihill explains it. what makes more than half of pregnant women want to eat dirt. tonight we begin with some breaking news. joe vazquez is at union square
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in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: robbers sprayed a victim with pepper spray. happened back over there. market and powell. it happened around 9:00 p.m. although it wasn't reported until 9:30 p.m. two men approached the victim and when he refused to cooperate they sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. of course we have been reporting about a rash of robberies across san francisco where victims were pepper sprayed at least five scattered around the city. and those cases last week the police said the robbers appeared to be targeting people with smartphones. in this case though investigators are not saying whether these are connected. remember, ken, they made some arrests earlier this week and so it is not clear whether maybe this is a larger ring or perhaps a copy cat. >> so they just show up, spray you in the face and grab whatever you've got, huh? >> first, if you comply apparently they take your stuff but if you resist they use the pepper spray. >> joe vazquez. thank you for that. >> okay. another bird has turned up with a beer can around its neck
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and now wildlife rescue crews worry that someone is out to do as much harm as possible. linda yee shows us what all the birds have in common. >> reporter: this sea gull is the latest victim. its head shoved through a beer can. it was spotted at san francisco state university. and is one of possibly 5 sea gulls trapped in this death grip. >> it is really, really awful. it is unhuman to kill animals like that. >> wildlife rescue efforts say the beer can won't necessarily kill the bird right away but opens up its feathers exposing its skin. >> so what the can is doing is allowing the bird exposure to the elements and it will eventually kill it slowly. >> reporter: earlier this week volunteers with the nonprofit wild rescue group of monterey were able to catch one of the gulls and cut the can off its neck. this was at lake merced in san
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francisco. >> this was a really horrible way for an animal to be suffering. it is no longer able to turn around and put its feathers in alignment and groom. it could potentially hurt its abilities to feed. certainly to swim and bathe. >> who would do something like that. >> reporter: wild rescue and california beer and beverage distributors are offering a $6000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people responsible. >> we are treating the birds and cans as evidence. there is a potential to pick up finger prints and/or dna after the cans. >> reporter: all of the birds did have budweiser beer cans wrapped around its neck. one bird was spotted right here in fish alley in san francisco's fisherman's wharf but the rescue group said they
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need more information. their website is on our website at and then click to the link and numbers. don't try to catch these birds, dana, they are saying, just report it. >> this is a federal offense. >> it is. they cannot touch, chase, pursue migratory birds like sea gulls. >> linda yee in san francisco, thank you. >> you're welcome. big protest over proposed tuition increases turned into this today. demonstrators tried to cross. protestors grabbed a bat a baton in one incident. police used pepper spray. >> they kept approaching with batons. >> police arrested 13 protestors. two police officers were also hurt. the board is set to vote on the
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proposed 8% tuition hike tomorrow. a twist to the brew hahaover the new airport security measures. those pat downs. many travelers find them offensive. they are telling screeners don't go too frisky or you may go to jail. >> reporter: the district attorneys from san mateo and santa clara counties and they say there is a radical difference between a tsa pat down and a lewd act. so with the way that we travel set for radical change this coming friday it is the tsa program that warns watch your hands or go to jail. during a pat down if they say a tsa touches their breasts or privates in a way that can be proven as inappropriately sexual or lewd, the agent will be criminally charged. here is how it works.
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if the lewd act happens while the agent is patting down over clothing that is called a sexual assault. but if the agent's hands move under your clothing and on to the passenger's skin then the d.a. says that is a sexual battery. but you need to consider this. tsa is being asked to do almost exactly what cops are asked to do when terrificking someone. so how will the san mateo county prove the agent intended a lewd act? >> it is a great question. that's the tough part because what we are doing is we are saying look at the surrounding circumstances and look and tell us what was in his or her mind when they did the touching. obviously it is difficult. but there are cases -- if you talk to every one of the 58 district attorneys in california, not a single one of them would say a thing different than we are. >> reporter: the san mateo d.a's office goes on to say their decision is not rooted in the now infamous don't touch my junk event from san diego just days ago where a passenger
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refused a pat down after a tsa agent attempted to frisk his g enitals. they go orn to say this is really giving passengers a sense of what their rights are and letting tsa know that agents need to be properly trained on how to pat down. >> it will be interesting to see if this challenge has any legs. >> absolutely. >> all right. at sfo, robert lyles. thank you. and headlines from around the bay area now. oakland mayor delivering his final state of the city speech today. sort of. >> he has been a more important leader and advocate than dellham. >> dellham did not appear in the video. instead other people praised his tenure. in a written report he touted oakland's lower violent crime rate but he made little mention of the city's ongoing budget
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troubles. warning the public about a kidnapping for ransome plot involving five fake police officers. investigators say that the suspects pulled over a businessman in his car two weeks ago and took him to a home. at 1:00 a.m. the victim's family received a phone call demanding $1 million. police say that the family waited six hours to contact police who were then able to track down the victim and suspects. and a vigil tonight for a vacaville teenager killed last week while riding his bicycle. police say the 14 year old crossed the street when he was hit by a car. he was not wearing a helmet. the driver of the car stopped and went to help the boy but the boy later died at the hospital. a new website makes playing the california lottery a whole lot easier than ever before. it is supposed to increase your odds of winning. kiet do on how it works and what the lottery commission told us about it tonight. >> reporter: buying a good old
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fashioned lotto ticket in person is just so old fashion. a new website now let's you buy them online. we spoke with a member. >> reporter: the site is easy just have your credit card easy and pick your numbers. what's more you can increase your chances of winning by joining a giant pool and sharing hundreds of tickets with other players. they don't take any of your winnings but using the website costs 10 to $20 a month. what you are paying for is convenience. >> why do we have to travel, get into our car and fight traffic and go to the convenience store to buy our lottery tickets. >> reporter: lotto gopher is not partnered with the california lottery. the commission wrote a statement saying lottery tickets can be purchased for no extra charge at 21,000 authorized dealers around the state.
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we are working with law enforcement issues to determine whether this type of activity complies with california law. they say they are the legit site that doesn't break any laws. recovering addicts criticize the new website. >> it is dangerous situation for people with a tendency to be compulsive gamblers. >> reporter: the company says they could boost the number and could make it more convenient to become a millionaire. kiet do, cbs5. remember the woman who worked in meg whitman's home. the one that was fired for being an illegal immigrant. tonight that woman has a big smile on her face. where there is will, there is a way. they say the legal loophole that allowed a gay couple to tie the not in a state that doesn't even allow same-sex marriage. sure you've all heard about the rain heading this way. but what else you need to know
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about with the system. we will have your pinpoint forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ spongecaster ] we're here at the winter dishwashing championship, a challenge to hands this time of year. what's this? she's hurtling down that sink with no protective gear. oh, no! her hands could dry out. [ female announcer ] don't worry, you can keep your hands in beautiful form with dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. it goes beyond dishwashing to help your hands seal in moisture while you do the dishes. [ spongecaster ] hands down, a beautiful performance. [ female announcer ] request a money-saving coupon at fired, former housekeeper, came to an end in san jose today. the legal drama involving meg whitman and her fired former house keeper came to an end in san jose today.
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nickie diaz and her lawyer gloria allred attended a hearing at the california division of labor along with whitman's husband. she settled for $5500. >> we do our best for our employer. all we ask is to be treated with respect and to be paid for all the work we do. >> whitman claimed that she did not know the house keeper was an illegal immigrant when she hired her. once she found out she says she fired her. >> if gay couples who want to get married and they live in a state that doesn't allow it there is a way to work the system. the two got married in dallas. they applied online for a marriage certificate in washington, dc, then an official in washington performed the ceremony via skype. >> people see that you've taken
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that extra time and effort and everything like that there is little more commitment and promises it being legal. >> even though they are legally married in dc, texas will still not recognize it. >> behind closed doors around the bay area people are quietly engaging in unusual behavior. an irresistible craving to eat earth and other substances. dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: at san francisco's marlo three star chef jennifer whips up an intriguing dish. a blate of dirt topped with a garden of pickle radish. made out of dried olives. >> grind them up then squeeze all the juice out and let them cook at least overnight and sometimes tore days. >> reporter: while edible dirt is dazzling diners around the
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world at this very moment hundreds of thousands of other people from all walks of life are craving and eating the real thing. the phenomenon is an intense craving to eat nonfood items including dirt, clay, starch, chalk, even charcoal. >> she confessed she would eat many rolls of toilet paper in a day. she couldn't control it. >> there are women here in the united states who are eating two, up to three boxes of this a day. >> reporter: dr. sarah young has studied it and her study is called craving earth. >> pregnant women you see it in more than anyone else. >> reporter: they found a staggering 68% engaged in pica. dr. young says women tell her. >> we are addicted to these things. it is like rum, opium. it is like smoking. it is like crack. >> reporter: but when it comes
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to earth not any dirty will do. >> women are seeking out clean dirty. >> reporter: where do you find clean dirt? you can send away for it by mail, over the internet. >> you can buy this online and have it delivered discretely to your house. >> reporter: if you think those who eat dirt must be crazy. >> these women are as sane as me or you. >> reporter: she says it may serve a biological purpose. >> sort of a mud mask to coat your intestines. it is harder for pathogens to permeate your gut. >> reporter: it can be dangerous. >> it can interfere with the minerals an vitamins that your bid really needs when you're pregnant. >> reporter: dr. amy levy says let your doctor know if you are doing it. >> we can help people redirect their appetites so they are not eating things that are harmful to them and maybe depriving the baby. >> reporter: as for dr. young
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when she got pregnant she wondered if she too would crave earth. she did not. >> it didn't speak to me in the same way that they have spoken to other women. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, health watch. >> does away with the old theory of the 5-second rule. >> take you on outside. 87% waxing moon over berkeley we could see it on its way to becoming a full moon on sunday when you won't be able to see it due to an incoming storm. tonight we do have the fog stacked up. cooled off quickly. overnight from 40 in santa rosa and at the delta to the mid- 40s. right there across the silicon valley. here is the deal. an area of low pressure. beautiful right there. banging up against the pacific north west dropping out of british colum. this enhanced our marine layer today. we got that cooler air mass.
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the return of the westerlies. temperatures chilled out tonight very rapidly. now we are frying a time when the storm will couple in. bringing in the rain. evening commute on friday. and then i'm stopped it after the morning on saturday. right there at noon for the big game. i plan on a very wet football game. but most notably won't be so much the rain it will be the wind by saturday night and very raw temperatures. we will see up to an inch and a half in spots of the north bay from friday night to sunday night. an inch across the santa cruz mountains. generally close to half an inch of rain. temperatures tomorrow coming down. not even up to 70 degrees. 50s and 60s. take a good look at the extended forecast. rain begins friday. it is a washout with widespread showers saturday and sunday. snow level drops down to 2500 feet. there is a chance of rain on monday and tuesday but dry on
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everything is going better than expected. the city regulating all your trash for the last year now has something to report. everything is going better than expected. that's right. martr in san francisco wants to know. how is san francisco's year old recycling effort working out? it is tonight's good question. san francisco's mandatory composting and recycling ordinance went into effect a year ago an by all indications it is off and running. >> how does this city rank up with other major cities in terms of recycling? >> we actually have a diversion rate which is the nation's highest. 77% is the nation's highest recycling and composting and we are leading the pack. san francisco set a goal of
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recycling of at least 75% of its garbage by 2010. it has surpassed its own projection thanks mainly to more people composting. >> san francisco people have doubled the amount they are composting. so we have gone from about 350 tons going to composting facilities to almost 600 tons of compost. >> much of that organic material is being shipped off to vineyards and other farming in the central valley. at this facility at pier 96 about 7000 tons of recyclables come in daily. it gets shipped off to suppliers who purchase the raw materials for manufacturing. the city set a goal of 0 garbage to the land fill. >> 2020. we will make it happen. >> i need your good question. send it to me at the big game jabs are flying right now. what one coach has to say about the other and the sharks
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doubled up on shots at least. final results is what counts next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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came into play against the sharks averaging 3.41 goals per game, 2nd best mark in the nhl.. antero nittymaki was holding them at bay with a 3-1 lead with under 12 minutes to go in third period, but then. paul stasney colorado averaging three and a half goals. under 12 minutes to go. under six minutes to go to tie
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it. beating him to the goal. game winner on his knees. colorado winning 4-3 despite being outshot 43-22. nfl raiders were two touchdown underdogs last year in pittsburgh. pulled out an extremely emotional win. how much does this mean to you as a father and how proud are you today? >> it is unbelievabl . >> bruce gradkowski sent his dad into tears after engineering a game winning drive. this sunday jason campbell will be under center for the rematch in pittsburgh and raiders are being taken much more seriously now. >> spending time and going back far back into the last year. i don't think that is something we will do and go out and get a win and be able to show people that we are a real team. >> heating up. heating up folks. rajai davis to the blue jays.
2:07 am
highly regarded. >> two minor league pictures coming. it is big. >> 75 degrees outside. >> you are looking at the manager of the year. black bought it. bruce boche finished third. the voting takes place before the post season. big game on saturday. the bands squaring off for the annual luncheon. check out jim harbaugh who tried to lay low on his pregame comments. >> we will try to do the best we can. don't listen to him when he says he will try to make it a game much that's a bunch of b.s. because i know what he is really telling his team. >> meanwhile, the comedian the emcee didn't stop with the funny business. >> stanford has allowed only 30 points in this last three games which means there could be more
2:08 am
scoring at a tiger woods tailgating party. >> number 4. u.s.a. against south africa. the loan goal. the 17-year-old. the youngest american to score in an international game. trying to slap the puck away from the goal. but he slapped it in his own net. beat the blues. at number 2. coyotes and flames. scores. look at this. >> brilliant. >> there is the number 1 play of the night. player intros at arco. >> from ,,
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